Can an IT leader create the "Optimal Portfolio"?

Can an IT Leader Create The “Optimal Portfolio”?

CXO - Can an IT Leader Create The “Optimal Portfolio”?

The optimal IT program/project portfolio is one that delivers the most value at the least cost that can be successfully exploited as long there is enough agility and flexibility to capitalize on the opportunities in a timely manner that avoids market volatility. Is this an achievable goal? If not…how close can we get to it?


Zahid Afzal, EVP and Chief Information Officer, Huntington Bank

As Chief Information Officer, Zahid Afzal is responsible for corporate-wide information technology, banking operations, and e-commerce functions at Huntington. Prior to joining Huntington in 2007, Afzal was Executive Vice President and ... More   View all posts

Frank Wander, Author, Former CIO, People Productive, LLC (Formerly The IT Excellence Institute)

Frank Wander is an author, former CIO, and founder of PeopleProductive, LLC (formerly the IT Excellence Institute), a company that helps customers build organizational effectiveness by getting the human side of business right. After invest... More   View all posts
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