Can a CIO Afford a 2 Week Vacation?

CXO - Can a CIO Afford a 2 Week Vacation?

Most IT leaders don’t take much needed long vacations. The fears are that on one hand, if something happens, they’ll have a mess to fix. On the other hand, if every thing works smoothly in their absence, corporate management may wonder if they are worth the pay. Should/Can a CIO enjoy a long vacation?


Mark Tonnesen

Mark Tonnesen, VP IT, CIO, Logitech

Mark Tonnesen is Vice President and CIO at Logitech Inc. Prior to Logitech, Mark served as Vice President of IT at Cisco Systems where he spearheaded Cisco's extended e-Business strategy. Mark also contributed to the book,, by Pat... More   View all posts
Jack Staehler

Jack Staehler, Group Vice President, Technology, Orbitz Worldwide

Jack Staehler has more than 20 years within the e-commerce and entertainment business environments, including retail, travel, gaming, and television production. At Orbitz Worldwide, Jack is responsible for the company's travel sites across ... More   View all posts
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