Building an Employee-centric Organization

Building an Employee-centric Organization CIO Talk Network

Do organizations spend as much time on getting to know their employees as much as their customers? How are you making sure that your organization is focused on one employee at a time? How are the technology and HR leaders customizing the workplace experience for the employee?


Matthew J. Grawitch

Matthew J. Grawitch, Professor, Saint Louis University’s (SLU) School for Professional Studies (SPS)

Matthew J. Grawitch, Ph.D., is a Professor within Saint Louis University’s (SLU) School for Professional Studies (SPS), the academic unit responsible for providing education to working professionals. He currently serves as the Associate D... More   View all posts

Peter Girgis

Peter Girgis, Chief Information Officer & Vice President - IT, Dunn-Edwards Corporation

Peter Girgis joined Dunn-Edwards Corporation in 2012 as the CIO & VP IT, where he is responsible for the technology processes, strategy and adoption activities which support the business goals of Dunn-Edwards. Prior to Dunn-Edwards, Gir... More   View all posts

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