Big Data

Big Data on the Big Screen

Big Data - Big Data on the Big Screen

The movie industry is at a crossroads. Record box office numbers are coming in with each summer blockbuster and the major Hollywood movie studios are posting stock market highs, but attendance is uncontrollably dropping as movie theaters lose audiences to television and on-demand streaming. Online services are seeing success using Big Data as a means to better understand their users. How can Big Data be used to help a movie reach an audience or change the way content is consumed? Can it also change the way the movies are made? If so, to what extent, if any, do we want technology impacting the art of the movies?


Colin Brown

Colin Brown, Professor, Kanbar Graduate Institute of Film & Television, Tish School of the Arts, NYU; Editorial Director Slated

An award-winning film business journalist by background, Colin is a now member of the senior team of Slated, the equity film financing and networking platform that matches accredited investors with filmmaking teams. He also teaches "The Fut... More   View all posts
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Colin Brown


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