Big Data Security

Big Data, Bigger Security Challenges

Big Data, Bigger Security Challenges

Big Data in its early stages has opened up a world of new opportunities for businesses to derive value. And yet the unexpected consequence of that opportunity is that all the new insight that is now available to you is also available to those looking to do harm. This new data that is not secured in the same way as the rest of your organization could provide hackers deeper insight into when you are most vulnerable or susceptible to take a loss. So in what ways can we go about safeguarding against the loss of this information and enable security throughout the Big Data life cycle?


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Dr. Roger R. Schell

Dr. Roger R. Schell, Professor, USC/ISI, University of Southern California

Dr. Roger R. Schell recently joined USC/ISI supporting their Masters of Cyber Security degree program. He is internationally recognized for originating several key modern security design and evaluation techniques, and he holds patents in c... More   View all posts
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Dr. Roger R. Schell


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