Back in 2003, when the word podcasting was not coined and online streaming media was known to very few, our founder Sanjog Aul launched an initiative to help IT leaders learn from their global peers through unbiased and probing live audio conversations on pressing challenges. These leaders otherwise were limited to local events and a finite number of peers for such insight. It started as a weekly live broadcast called “Managing Technology: The Right Way!” featuring Global Business IT leaders as individuals and as panel discussions. The show is still on and going strong! We invite you to tune in live every Wednesday at 9 AM CST and experience the difference.

The core mission was, and it still is, to provide top leaders with a platform that offers them not only practical wisdom to tackle IT, embark on new technology initiatives, handle innovation, make strategic decisions and share their views and insights on many other topics. In 2008, the show was rebranded to CIO Talk Radio. Besides, the live broadcasts, CIO Talk Radio then opened opportunities for select IT C-Suite practitioners to start blogging and share their insights. CIO Talk Radio also started delivering content on niche subjects such as Smart Grid, eDiscovery, and Manufacturing.

The launch of CIO Talk Network (CTN) in February 2016 allowed us to lay the foundation for bringing an unparalleled thought provoking and intellectually-enriching, multifaceted and, multimedia experience to the Global business IT Leaders in order to support their changing needs. From Events, Research and Books to Peer Blogging Network, Online and Offline Community; we are just getting started!

We Believewhether as a consumer or a business, what we consume and what we experience is dependent on processes that IT enables. The IT Leader who is responsible for that enablement needs to be in the know and at the top of their game. CTN has a sole purpose for its existence to make the IT Leaders the best they can be.

Our Founder and Show Host Sanjog Aul has over 24 years experience in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Management and Executive Coaching. He brings creativity, versatility, objectivity and tenacity required for us to continue on this mission undeterred. To learn more about Sanjog, please click here.


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