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Leadership - Should you marry your Technology Vendor?

As a business technology buyer, working in both small, medium and Fortune 400 companies, I experienced a variety of approaches by vendors who wished to sell their tech wares.  Two popular models are “tell me about your pain” (and I will share our...

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Leadership - How to Lead Now?

How to Lead Now?

Leading meant influence, but can you? It meant taking the plunge first to tackle the change, but how? It was about helping to envision the future...

Leadership - From Passion to Impact

From Passion to Impact

Is just believing in your people and their ability to learn, grow, and prosper enough to unleash their passion? And how do you empower such a...

Leadership - Leading through Transition
CXO Leadership

Leading through Transition

A significant shift like a merger in business or economic meltdown leaves employees wondering about their safety, what the future holds for them, how...

Leadership - EA as the Digital Catalyst

EA as the Digital Catalyst

Traditionally, the enterprise architecture (EA) function was considered an overhead by many organizations. But it can prove to be a catalyst if...

Leadership - IT Leaders as Catalysts

IT Leaders as Catalysts

Armed with knowledge about the whole organization and deep expertise in using technology for innovation and growth, how are IT leaders elevating...


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