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Leadership - Leading through Transition

A significant shift like a merger in business or economic meltdown leaves employees wondering about their safety, what the future holds for them, how their roles will change, and how they should carry out their duties. How should a leader keep...

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Leadership - EA as the Digital Catalyst

EA as the Digital Catalyst

Traditionally, the enterprise architecture (EA) function was considered an overhead by many organizations. But it can prove to be a catalyst if...

Leadership - IT Leaders as Catalysts

IT Leaders as Catalysts

Armed with knowledge about the whole organization and deep expertise in using technology for innovation and growth, how are IT leaders elevating...

Leadership - AI Enabled Leadership
AI Leadership

AI Enabled Leadership

Good leaders today are expected to drive business agility through cooperation, collaboration, and adaptability of its team and ecosystem partners...

Leadership - The IT Leader Predicament

The IT Leader Predicament

For IT leaders, saying Yes to ever increasing business demands makes their workload unmanageable and saying No earns them a bad name. Is there a way...


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