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General - Delivering Smiles Every Time: A Case Study

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., an international player in gifting, wanted to offer a world-class experience to it’s increasingly demanding customers. Beyond innovative use of retail technology, it required reimagining processes, removing siloed thinking...

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Leadership - Grit to Great
General Leadership

Grit to Great

Traditional wisdom says that if we find our passion, the universe will align to make us successful. However, persistent pursuit of excellence while...

Playlist - Top Technology Talks
General Playlist

Top Technology Talks

Year after year, a new technology creates a hype until it becomes mainstream. Listen from a range of talks on such disruptive technologies that we...

Playlist - Popular Talks of 2015
General Playlist

Popular Talks of 2015

A lot of issues surrounded the CIO in 2015. Ranging from talent management to innovation, digital initiatives to employee performance issues, we have...

Playlist - Most Popular Talks of 2016
General Playlist

Most Popular Talks of 2016

Every new year brings new promises and new challenges.For technology and business leaders, this is another year laced with new surprises. This...

Playlist - Best Talks of 2015
General Innovation Playlist

Best Talks of 2015

The year 2015 was extremely special. We discussed some of the most crucial issues that concerned leaders across industries. We have handpicked from a...

Playlist - Love Thy Customers
General Playlist

Love Thy Customers

Customer recognition has become more important than ever. If the customer doesn’t approve your product, you have had it! These talks will tell...

General - Developing Partner Driven IT Core

Developing Partner Driven IT Core

With legacy going out, cloud and third party managed services being embraced, we are essentially handing over our IT lifeline to external entities...

Leadership - Measuring IT’s MPG
General Leadership

Measuring IT’s MPG

Everyone tracks the Miles Per Gallon of their car for the simple reason that they want to know how much mileage they’re getting for their money...


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