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Leadership - CIO Agenda 2017
CXO Leadership

CIO Agenda 2017

With Digital Transformation now considered as catalyst for growth and relevant, in 2016, many organizations focused on rethinking their operations...

Leadership - Just Answer my Question!
CXO Leadership

Just Answer my Question!

Whether it a peer to peer communication, one to many, between boss and a direct report or with a customer, clear communication is the key to getting...

Leadership - The Power of We
CXO Leadership

The Power of We

As CIOs we are often asked to put technology in place to solve a problem. We all know that technology on its own is an empty promise without the...

Playlist - The Leader Is In
CXO Leadership Playlist

The Leader Is In

You may or may not be a leader by title, but you can be a leader by example. These talks by leaders will tell you how to excel as a leader.


Hexaware 4 - Automation to Autonomous MPU 250X300



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