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AI - Is HR ready for AI?

AI is going to have deep impact on human workforce performance, engagement, and growth. What changes in the people, processes, tools, culture, and leadership do we need within the HR department to gear up for this shift? How can IT help?

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Leadership - AI Enabled Leadership
AI Leadership

AI Enabled Leadership

Good leaders today are expected to drive business agility through cooperation, collaboration, and adaptability of its team and ecosystem partners...

AI - Adopting AI for Customer Service

Adopting AI for Customer Service

To become the company your customer wants you to be, your customer experience needs to exceed expectations. Effective adoption of AI-powered people...

AI - Steps to Maximizing the AI Opportunity

Steps to Maximizing the AI Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be a disruptive technical tool with promising applications across industries. But, as a CIO, how do craft...

AI - Let AI Entertain You

Let AI Entertain You

While machines don’t have emotions, can they do a better job evoking the same in humans? From user experience, marketing, and search...





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