9 to 5 Leaders

Leadership - 9 to 5 Leaders

Too often employees don’t aspire to be leaders, to find themselves in the role of inflated responsibilities, expectations, energy and time commitments. But imagine if your entire team could embrace their inner leader and think and act in a way that drove innovation, shared knowledge effectively and produced consistently high performance, all while allowing them to maintain their regular roles, hours and expectations? In practice, how well would a team of 9 to 5 leaders actually work, and could it even become a reality in the first place?


Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan, Author, Consultant, The Orion Partnership

Kathleen Ryan helps her clients achieve outstanding business results through the innovation which comes from collaboration and exceptional teaming. As a behind-the-scenes thought-leader, Ryan has been identified as "an organizational consu... More   View all posts
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Kathleen Ryan


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